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539 products

Elegant Embroidery Saree Collection for Ethnic Beauty

An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without ethnicity. If you are thinking of going on a shopping parade for a festival, wedding, or different cultural celebrations, an embroidery saree will take your attention anyhow. Embroidery work in India is popular for ages, which is now an important part of ethnic celebrations. 

Different types of sarees are in trend from which full embroidery, partial embroidery, and hand embroidery sarees are common choices for women in India. There are several designs out there, which will make you fall in love with the amazing patterns of Indian wear. The online marketplace is filled with embroidery sarees, and constant praises and approvals are made by Indian beauties to fill their ethnic attire.

How Embroidery Work is Done by the Artisans of India?

The amazing embroidery prints take a huge time to design, and then you get a perfect outcome as an embroidery work saree. Previously the art was only handmade, but due to industrialization, embroidery work is now done using machines. Some saree manufacturers still prefer hand-made embroidery, which enhances the gleam of every saree.

Different artisans work differently and they spend a lot of time taking out amazing designs on a plain fabric. The work is done with care and love that gives you a perfect handmade embroidery saree to adorn your beauty. Designer embroidery sarees from Zari Jaipur are a perfect example of handmade crafts. Our expert designers came from different parts of India and show their creativity in magnifying your beauty over celebrations.

Know the Fabric that Gives Sustainable Embroidery Work

Sarees are not just popular in India, but it is expanding its reach to other parts of the world. Different fabrics are compatible for embroidery work, but the most enchanting Sarees are made with some specific fabrics only. Some of these fabrics are:

  • Silk: The soft texture of silk already gained a huge love from women. It is also perfect for embroidery work saree and is adorned in several ethnic celebrations. Different types of silk are out there like Tussar, Kanchipuram, and Raw silk, which enhances the glam of a woman. 
  • Georgette: This fabric originated from silk, which is made from twisted yarns. It is a lightweight material that is popular among beauty divas, who want to have an aristocratic appearance. 

Cotton: It is one of the most preferable fabrics when it comes to embroidery work saree. You can have a fantastic appearance when you pair a cotton saree with some astounding accessories.

Zari Jaipur: An Innovative Preference for Ancient Embroidery Work

If you want an elegant and ethnic appearance both at the same time, Zari Jaipur is the perfect place, where you will get astonishing embroidery sarees online. No matter which types of sarees you prefer, you will fall in love with the embroidery work saree collection. 

An embroidered saree takes both attentive and hard work of an artist to utilize the right combination of motifs, threads, stitches, dye & tie to make it magnificent. Zari Jaipur is a top-notch option to have gleamy celebrations with a dignified embroidery print on the outfit.