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Chiffon is a light, airy, and translucent fabric that is great for hot summer days. The yarns in this fabric are tightly twisted and made up of very thin threads. One of the most popular products manufactured from this fabric is a chiffon saree. The magnificence of a well-made chiffon saree's drape is unrivaled. The fabric has been synonymous with summer attire as it has grown in popularity in recent years.

Origin of Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon word comes from the French word chiffe, which originally means a cloth or a rag. Initially, chiffons were made with silk exclusively, since this fabric was first known as silk fabric. It was quite expensive and was used in designing royal attires that signified high status. This was the reason it was exclusively used by the upper-class people and was the symbol of economic and social status. The introduction of synthetic fibers later, made them affordable and durable for everyone.

Creation of Chiffon Fabric

Using an alternative method, chiffon is created by weaving yarns. The yarns are alternately twisted, giving in subtle puckering and a light crumpling impression in different directions. This contributes to the fabric's slightly rough texture and stretch. Chiffon is a transparent, lightweight plain-woven fabric with a mesh-like weave.

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