Banarasi Sarees

The Epitome of Banarasi Saree: Zari Jaipur

The advent of the Mughal empire in India was a different time when we learned many new things. The use of Silk was started after the tenure of Akbar, where artisans of ancient India have created a unique outfit which is now known as Banarasi Saree. The saree is a blend of silk and amazing Zari work, which enhances the glam of the wearer. 

What is a Banarasi Saree?

The art of Banaras started back in the 14th century when Mughal art was famous in the world. Banarasi Saree was the most fascinating part of that time when the weavers created a whole new artwork on Silk. 

The sarees are made of pure silk, which is the most preferred saree along with the Kanjivaram silk saree. The heavy brocade on the Banarasi silk makes it a royal attire, which was afforded by the royal families of that time. Nowadays, the use of silk Banarasi saree is becoming popular among wedding dresses and festive occasions. 

Types of Banarasi Saree

Silk Banarasi sarees have been in trend for the past few years, where different types of Banarasi sarees are available in the market. 

Banarasi Sarees are popular among women in India and it is the sign of epitome. Let’s have a glimpse at these famous sarees in India. 

Katan Silk Saree

Katan Silk is the purest form of the fabric, which is compiled with some exotic Zari work and brocades to enhance the opulence of the wearer. It is an ideal fabric for brides. The brides of West Bengal especially prefer a red Banarasi saree for their wedding day.

Georgette Silk Saree

Banarasi georgette sarees are always the first choice to gleam the ethnic celebrations. This saree is a lightweight choice for the wearer, which makes it the most preferable ethnic wear among women in India. 

Organza Saree

The blend of raw silk and golden threads is the outcome of the opulent Organza fabric. There is a subtle metallic shine on the fabric, which looks great when the wearer is out under a clear sky. 

Where to Buy Banarasi Saree Online?

Whether it is your wedding or you are attending a close one’s, red Banarasi saree will gleam your personality with its amazing glance. Zari Jaipur has a wide range of Banarasi Saree which is the epitome of modern vogue. 

You can style a Banarasi saree in different styles, which gives you a glitter appearance after pairing it with heavy gold jewelry. It is itself a trend, which has been popular for a long time. If you really want to spread your gleam to the surroundings, a silk Banarasi saree is a perfect choice.