Shibori Sarees

Elegance & Style of Shibori - Ethnicity All-Around

India is famous for its crafts and craftsmanship. Shibori is one of the many loved crafts performed with the technique of tie and dye. At Zari Jaipur, you’ll find a beautiful and comfortable range of sarees to adorn for all occasions. Check out our collection and we are sure that you’ll find something that fits right up your alley.

Shibori, a wonderful coloring process or a traditional style of tie & dye technique, is practiced in Rajasthan. Having distinct patterns and designs on bright colored fabrics. This technique has got its name from the word Wave in Rajasthani, due to the fact that it has complex patterns like waves. Shibori is an off-shoot technique of Leheriya that produces quite similar results.

History of Shibori

This word comes from the Japanese word Shiboru. To dye cloth, it must be shaped and secured before dyeing. The word 'shiboru' describes the process of manipulating cloth through the process of manipulation.

In Shibori, complex patterns are stitched and stitching is tightly gathered before dyeing. In order to create patterns, the fabric is wrapped tightly around the rope, wood, or other materials, and then bound with string or thread before dyeing. Under the binding or against the core, all areas of the fabric would remain undyed.

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