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    Kashida - Every Weave Speaks a Tale 

    Kashida, also known as Kasida, is an ancient kind of needlework that dates back to Jammu and Kashmir. Kashida embroidery employs thick colored threads and beads to create a variety of designs. One of the distinctive characteristics of needlework is the incorporation of pictures inspired by nature in the majority of kashida motifs. You will see these patterns in our collection too with a different style. Not only patterns would be unique, but the fabrics and colors are also different. Most of the fabrics are muslin silk suits and cotton silk suits.

     In this collection, you would find sharara and gharara in different colors. However, it has been seen that many of the women does not able to differentiate between them. They always get confused between sharara and gharara. So, here are some differentiation that will wash away all your confusion.

    Difference in Sharara and Gharara

    Sharara is the origin of Lebaneses whereas Gharara is originated from the Awedh region of Uttar Pradesh. 

     Sharara is a flared, loose-fitting garment consisting of a pair of wide-leg pants. These wide-leg pants are paired with a Kurti and a dupatta. The pants are seamless and free-flowing. At the knees, there are no stitches.

    Gharara is a Luchnowi costume consisting of wide-legged pants with protruding knees. A short kurti and a dupatta are worn with these pants.

    Sharara and gharara are excellent choices for weddings and pujas. You can never go wrong with these outfits because they are so beautiful. You should try it as well, and believe me when I say that you will look stunning. Thus, go through all these collections of Zari Jaipur to have a great and the most beautiful occasion.